1. Delie By Fajas Ref. 09053: 'Supportive Embrace'

Designed explicitly for postpartum recovery, Delie By Fajas Ref. 09053 offers unparalleled support. Crafted from breathable, skin-friendly fabric, it provides gentle compression to aid in abdominal muscle retraction without compromising comfort. Its adjustable features cater to changing postpartum body sizes, ensuring an optimal fit throughout the recovery journey.


2. Delie By Fajas Ref. 09361: 'Seamless Recovery'

For new mothers seeking discreet support under clothing, Delie By Fajas Ref. 09361 presents a seamless design perfect for everyday wear. This Faja not only supports the core but also aids in posture correction, easing the strain from carrying a newborn. Its soft fabric and targeted compression promote faster healing without causing discomfort.

3. Diane And Geordi Ref 2396: 'Versatile Comfort'

Catering to the dynamic needs of postpartum bodies, Diane And Geordi Ref 2396 offers a versatile option. This Faja, adaptable for various body shapes, focuses on providing support to the abdomen, hips, and lower back. Its multi-layered design ensures optimal compression where needed most, aiding in recovery while allowing flexibility for daily activities.

4. MYD Shapewear Ref. 0065: 'Customized Recovery'

Recognizing the uniqueness of postpartum bodies, MYD Girdles Ref. 0065 offers customizable Shapewear. Tailored to individual measurements, these Fajas provide targeted support, specifically addressing areas of concern post-childbirth. With adjustable compression levels, mothers can personalize their recovery journey for optimal comfort and healing.

In conclusion, Colombian Fajas tailored for postpartum recovery offer not only physical support but also a sense of confidence during a transformative phase. Prioritizing comfort, adaptability, and targeted support, these Fajas aim to assist new mothers in embracing their postpartum journey with ease.