Many people are unaware of the differences between Colombian Shapewear post-surgical and a girdle for daily use.

Most of the clients we have served for years have requested girdles for daily use due to their shaping effect and for post-surgical use after cosmetic or plastic surgery.

Therefore, throughout several articles we will be informing you about the differences in both benefits and uses between various references of our products for post-surgical and daily use.

 Differences between the benefits of a post-surgical girdle and of daily use.

Shapewear  Post Surgical

  • Pain from the trauma of the intervention is reducedón
  • Improves healing.
  • Decreases accumulationof inflammatory fluid and aid in its elimination.
  • It helps in the replacement of organs.

Girdles Daily Use

  • It helps your posture.
  • Figure molding.
  • Definitionwaist size.
  • Buttock lifts.

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