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    Delie By Fajas- Colombian Shapewear are lined with lycra and is made with components VIVELTEX PROTEC. An improved formula that provides multiple benefits to the skin.

    Patented technology, consisting of components microencapsulated in the fabric to protect your skin.

    · Seaweed,

    · Spirulina.

    · Vitamin B, E.

    · Vitamin K.

    Spirulina: It has antioxidant components, protects your skin from the sun and keeps it hydrated.

    Seaweed: Improves lymphatic and blood circulation, helping to eliminate fat and reduce measurements, revitalize and firm the foot, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    Vitamins B, E: They reduce skin damage caused by the sun, fight wrinkles and help heal wounds.

    Vitamin K: Helps with the blood clotting process by preventing hematoma formation after surgery, spider veins, stretch marks, and scars.

    Delie By Fajas improve people's quality of life by offering style, versatility, comfort, quality and durability

    Delie by Fajas 09065 -Comfortable Bra for Women / Posture Corrector


    Freedom of movement with its 100% Lycra lining and breathable Powernet fabrics for compression. The thick straps and the compression "X" shape on the back will help correct ...

    Delie By Girdles 09226 / Ultra Butt Enhancement Shaping Girdle


    The new panty in addition to its ultra enhancement in the buttocks has a tummy control, therefore, we recommend that when selecting your size, you choose one ...

    Delie By Fajas 09008 Postpartum Knee Length Girdle With Built-in Bra

    $ 130.00 - $ 135.00

    The Delie By Fajas 09008 Postpartum Knee Length Girdle with Built-in Bra by Fajas is a thoughtfully designed and highly functional garment intended to provide new mothers with the support...

    Delie By Shapewear 09084 / Seamless Medium Compression Shapewear

    $ 69.99 - $ 74.99

    Invisible fabric with medium compression and two-way stretch. Its flat seams are subtle when they come into contact with the skin and do not create seams in the outer clothing you wear ....

    Delie By Shapewear 09052 / Shapewear With Built-in Bra

    $ 118.79 - $ 123.79

    This shaping girdle can be used for postpartum and post-surgery, this girdle offers high compression and helps the skin rejoin the muscle. Stabilizes the back ...

    Delie by Fajas 09015 / Men's Shaper Compression Shirt


    With this Colombian shirt you will feel and look fantastic as you redefine your body with this garment ideal for daily use or post-operative recovery. No seams under clothing. Liberty...

    Delie By Girdles 09103 / BBL Long Sleeve Post-surgical High Compression Girdle With Integrated Bra


    This post-surgical shaping girdle with built-in bra offers control in the arms and thighs, it has three rows of hooks that allow you to take you to the next level. This girdle is part of ...

    Fajas Colombianas Moldeadora Daily Use / Post-Surgical

    $ 109.99 - $ 114.99

     Fajas Colombianas Post-surgical shaper that offers you greater control in the waist, abdomen and back. It has 3 levels of clasps that adjust to your measurements, which helps to...

    Delie By Fajas 0906 / Post-surgical Bra With Back Reinforcement For Posture Correction


    It is a post-surgical bra that helps your posture and shapes your figure, made of an elastic and compressive fabric, with high coverage on the back for a better posture.

    Delie By Girdles 09053 / Post-surgical Girdles With Built-in Bra

    $ 101.54 - $ 104.54

    High compression post-surgical girdle offers high control, high compression, with back covering that benefits the lumbar region, relieves, prevents dislocations and back pain, has double abdominal reinforcement ...

    Delie By Girdles 09047 / Post-surgical Knee Length Girdles

    $ 104.99 - $ 107.99

    Post-surgical girdles provide security in movements and reduce pain. Its daily use promotes good posture and shapes the body naturally. It has three levels of compression that allow ...

    Delie By Fajas 15078 / Essential Colombian Bra


     This bra is ideal for those women who seek to define and stylize the love handles that are between the armpit area and the back. Its high coverage in glasses and ...

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