Delie By Fajas/Colombian Body Shaper

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    Delie By Fajas- Colombian Shapewear are lined with lycra and is made with components VIVELTEX PROTEC. An improved formula that provides multiple benefits to the skin.

    Patented technology, consisting of components microencapsulated in the fabric to protect your skin.

    · Seaweed,

    · Spirulina.

    · Vitamin B, E.

    · Vitamin K.

    Spirulina: It has antioxidant components, protects your skin from the sun and keeps it hydrated.

    Seaweed: Improves lymphatic and blood circulation, helping to eliminate fat and reduce measurements, revitalize and firm the foot, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

    Vitamins B, E: They reduce skin damage caused by the sun, fight wrinkles and help heal wounds.

    Vitamin K: Helps with the blood clotting process by preventing hematoma formation after surgery, spider veins, stretch marks, and scars.

    Delie By Fajas improve people's quality of life by offering style, versatility, comfort, quality and durability

    Delie By Girdles 09272 / Shaper Girdles 3 Compression Levels


    Shaping girdle with high back coverage and 3-level hooks at mid-thigh. Ideal for daily use Reducing and shaping girdle Tummy control Shapes and reduces ...

    Delie By Girdles 09048 / Daily Shaper Girdles

    $ 104.99 - $ 109.99

    Made with elegant fabrics of high quality, comfortable, fresh, This high compression girdle recovers its original shape for longer. It can be used for aesthetic or postsurgical procedures, it provides safety in ...

    Delie By Girdles 09036 / Complete Reducing And Post-surgical Girdle

    $ 139.99 - $ 142.99

    Post-surgical girdle with built-in bra covers different areas of the body, including legs and upper back. High Compression Material: Powernet, Espandex

    Delie By Girdles 09010 / Post-surgical Knee-length Girdles With Bra


    This girdle has total control in the back, coverage of the bust and high compression in the abdominal area. Promotes recovery after surgery and improves skin adherence ...

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