Here we will explain the benefits of using Colombian girdles. 1. SERVES SUPPORT DURING THE EXERCISE Colombian girdles designed for exercise provide the ideal support for the muscles so that you feel confident that no mishap is going to happen. The characteristics that these girdles must have are: they must be comfortable, so that you can move freely when doing your routine exercises and they must also be made of a special material that breathes to prevent excessive sweating but at the same time must allow perspiration and does not retain moisture. 

2. PROTECTION AFTER SURGERY Swelling, bruising, and tenderness are some of the things to watch out for after surgery. For this, there are post-surgical girdles that will help you contain the tissues for faster healing and recovery. TAKE INTO ACCOUNT THAT A POST-SURGICAL GIRDLE MUST MEET MEDICAL STANDARDS. THEY ARE USED REGULARLY BY THOSE WHO HAVE HAD A LIPOSUCTION OR A ABDOMINOPLASTY. 

3. SHAPES YOUR FIGURE WHEN YOU WEAR A DRESS You are going to a party and you decide to wear the dress you have stored in your closet, oh surprise! You can see a “roll” on your back. Wearing a girdle can be an immediate solution, since it will help you compress the weak points of the body and it will also help you reduce the waist a little. TODAY THERE ARE DIFFERENT MODELS OF GIRDLES THAT WILL HELP YOU IMMEDIATELY SHAPE YOUR FIGURE. CHOOSE ONE THAT EXERTS COMPRESSION ACROSS THE ENTIRE BODY AND IS SEAMLESS

 4. GIRDLE CORRECTS POSTURE Thanks to the compression exerted by the girdle on the spine, it will help you correct your posture. It should be a girdle with back support to keep it in a straight position. If you use it every day you will see results faster. CHOOSE A HIGH COMPRESSION GIRDLE BECAUSE IN ADDITION TO HELPING YOU CORRECT YOUR POSTURE, IT WILL HELP YOU SHAPE YOUR FIGURE.


5. AFTER DELIVERY  Part of the recovery process after having a baby comes from the fact that the abdomen is still inflamed, by using this belt the pressure it generates will help all the muscles and organs return to their usual place. Some health specialists also agree that the postpartum girdle helps to considerably reduce recovery pain. This girdle does not seek to stylize the figure.


8. THEY REDUCE THE WAIST This is one of the benefits for which most women acquire a girdle. The reduction of the waist occurs thanks to the pressure that a girdle exerts on it. And if you use it daily the results are faster. USING A WAISTBAND GIRDLE WILL HELP YOU REDUCE MEASUREMENTS IMMEDIATELY. IT WILL HELP YOU CONTROL THE UPPER, MIDDLE AND BASS.